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Gage Park in Hamilton, Ontario was brimming over with children running helter-skelter, parents trying to keep up, ice cream dribbles, painted t-shirts, band music, book giveaways, laughter, yelling, and to be truthful, a little bit of whining could be heard. Imagine in the Park is a free arts and literature festival that has grown by leaps and bounds since it’s first year, 2011.

In my tent, we created Faery Doors! Here is the story behind them.

I needed 100. My husband, very kindly, cut 150 paint stir sticks in half. I painted them in a tie dye design, put business card doors on them and voila! Faery doors. Upon opening, the mortal got a cryptic message: “No Humans Allowed!” The designers came in droves. There were feathers, foam stickers, pipe cleaners, and beads, and loads of imagination! No faery will be able to resist making one of them home!

I composed a faery song and, of course, told stories. “The Faery Salve,” where an old midwife mistakenly wipes magic salve in her eye and can see the most astonishing sights! Before I begin that story, I always ask if anyone can tell me what a midwife is. One little boy called out, “Ya! My Mum!” She was toying with the idea of letting him think she has magic faery salve in her eye too and can see Everything.

“The Woman Who Flummoxed the Faeries” is just too much fun. We paid special attention to the husband of the baker in the tale who watched in disbelief as all the paraphernalia needed for cake baking went flying out of the house as though on wings. Haha. Little did he know, they were faeries wings! When the baby floated off, his curiosity was taken over by worry. And then off he went too! The faeries tricked the baker and the baker tricked them back and then all got what they wanted in the end.

“The Legend of Knockgrafton” and “Slops” were two more. In both of those tales, kindness comes easily.

There are plenty of summer festivals around the world for storytelling and music. I wish for wishes to take me to them! In the meantime, I will hum my faery song.

To the tune of “I’m a Little Teacup”

I’m a little faery short and stout

My pretty wings carry me about


If you come close to look at me

I’ll flit away as quick as can be!

I’m a handsome faery with a cheeky grin

You’ll never find where I have been

I’m a naughty faery having fun

Playing tricks on humans ‘til the day is done

I’m the tooth faery; I take shiny teeth

Lift up your pillow and look underneath

We’re the garden faeries looking for a home

Just a door to make a secret place of our own

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